If you think about it, old shipping container can be upcycled and used for plenty of useful things. Some people are using them as underground storage, some are using them as a car shelter, and some, like the guy from this video upcycle them into their new homes.

This tiny home is just a a 160 square foot big and doesn’t look like something special, but trust me, it is.

When you step inside, first thing you’ll notice is how relaxing and inviting the ambience is. Floors are covered with wood and whole interior is in earth tones which will give you the feel of luxury and make you instantly forget that you’ve actually entered a container.

Not only the house looks way better than expected, it’s also amazingly functional tiny home.  Living area can easily be converted into a bedroom with the Murphy bed, and two other single beds are tucked into the corner.

The kitchen is fully equipped and you’ll be surprised when you see how much counter and cabinet space it has.

But the best part is the wooden roof deck. This tiny home is located in Costa Rica, so it’s just a perfect place to enjoy the sun and a tropical drink. Just perfect!