Who doesn’t love a little bit of nail art from time to time? This especially stands true when the nail is super cute or unique. Today, we have a video from a Youtuber who literally makes a snow globe on her nail. The globe even has moving liquid and a snowman inside! The video shows you a step by step instruction on how to make your own snowglobe to carry around on your finger. The youtuber got the idea to figure out how to make a snow globe for us regular nail users.

This whole process will take you quite a bit of time to get through and may not survive for too long outside of the house. The snowglobe is extremely fragile and while it will be stable for light activity a night out would destroy it and have liquid all over your hands. If you have ever done aquarium nails then this project may be a little bit easier for you as it uses some of the same steps to make the perfect Christmas ornament on your hand.

The Youtuber is pretty hilarious when doing the project. She is very realistic about trying to get the whole thing done and admits its pretty hard. She also is very straightforward with what supplies she is trying to use to hopefully get the snow globe to come out right. Sadly, the snowman doesn’t really survive the whole ordeal and it is proven that snowglobes that aren’t bought from the store really don’t hold together that well.

Now, there is some tutorial out there of smaller snow globes that actually work. While these aren’t nearly as flashy as the ones in the video, there actually wearable. They also are able to be worn on more than one nail and look completely adorable with any holiday sweater you are planning to wear this week!