If you ask me, when we talk about grilling, burgers are always a way better choice than hot dogs. And being a huge grilled food fan, I always thought I know everything about burgers. Well, that was until I saw this video.

These guys managed to change burgers into the completely different food which is more delicious than any regular burger would ever be. So if you ever get tired of classic burgers, try these amazing stuffed donut burgers.

The whole thing started with the thought that all those toppings and cheeses make burgers not very practical to eat. So they found a solution that works every time – make a burger with a hole and put everything else in the middle.

To make these burgers you’ll need some beef, toppings and cheeses if you’d like, and bacon.

Roll the meat into a ball, press it flat and use a jar to cut out a circle.

Fry the patties on each side for a few minutes and then fill the hole with the topping.