Even if you’re the only person on the highway for miles, eventually someone will come up behind you and ride your tail. It’s like people in cars are magnets drawn to each other.

In truth, it doesn’t make sense to ride someone. I mean where do you think you’re going? It’s not going to force the slowpoke forward and if it did, do you really want someone driving beyond their comfort zone?

But when someone has been driving on your tail, it’s tempting to brake check them. But no matter how experienced of a driving you think you are, it’s a dangerous proposition. See why it can be unpredictable and dangerous in the video below.

The one minute clip below is from a truck’s dash cam. As you can see, at the 17-second mark, two SUVs speed past the truck.

One is being tailed closely by the other and the car in the lead is frustrated when there is just so much space on the highway.

They continue to drive on down the road for another few seconds. The tailgater gets even closer until the SUV in front has had enough.
At the 30-second mark in the clip, the leader slams on his brakes. You can see the red lights turn brighter. Then the SUV behind him has to do the same. But the driver just wasn’t ready.

With another SUV on the right side, the tailgater has no choice. He’s going too fast and he’s out of options.

The brake check was too unpredictable and the driver in back panicked.
As you see, the SUV that was driving up on the other car starts to swerve back and forth. The driver loses control of the vehicle and careens off into the median.

Dirt flies everywhere as the SUV collides into various road signs and steel poles.

Fortunately, there is a fence so the SUV that lost control doesn’t fly headlong into oncoming traffic.

The car the brake checked him just keeps on driving. It doesn’t seem to care one bit.

And truth be told, I could care less for the guy who lost control. If you’re trying to intimidate someone on the road by riding up behind them, you have to be prepared to face the consequences. At least no one was severely hurt.

After the accident, the truck with the dash cam and another vehicle slow down to watch the guy suffer.

They don’t stop or get out of their vehicle. They just keep going and laugh as the guy visibly failed the brake check.

YouTube viewers loved the footage, sharing comments like:
“Watch out, you’ll never know when karma will strike!”

“Dumbass deserved it! The car in front was correct in not changing into the slow lane right where traffic was merging onto the highway!”

“Although ‘brake checking’ is a bitch move. In this situation I would have to say it was justified.”

Another user tries to share an alternate opinion.
“people laughing at the misfortune, yeah they got their deserve but what if they’d wiped out YOU or another innocent road user heading the opposite way after crossing the central divide. not all divides have a safety barrier/wire/whatever. moronic actions of the brake tester, imo, speeding off without stopping, taking zero responsibility for their actions. tailgater was wrong but the driver in front, with a clear lane ahead, caused the accident”