Cats are the internet’s favorite thing. Even more when animals do funny things, people love them and can’t stop sharing the videos to their friends. An engenius YouTube channel took notice to this a few years ago and decided to make videos based around a talking cat. The cat is a black cat named Sylvester who is anything but a family-friendly feline. He and his roommates, who just happened to be other cats, and a dog live with their owner, Steve.

Sylvester, however, wishes he was the only animal in the house and constantly plots of how to get rid of the other pets. Sylvester also has a drug addiction to catnip and constantly has to be taken off of it by his owner. Many of the episodes revolve around Steve trying to convince him to be a better animal. This, of course, doesn’t work and at times he even tries to call in his old owner, Todd. Todd, of course, is one of the Italian and is a popular serial kidnapper of animals as seen in later episodes. Sylvester doesn’t mind since when he died on him he pretty much gave Sylvester all the food he could ever want.

Watch the video above to get a good feel for the YouTube series and become a fan yourself. We promise you that you’ll be laughing and no time as Sylvester and the other cats are some of the funniest creatures you’re going to encounter on the internet today. The series releases monthly videos so you have time to catch up before the next one comes out. Go ahead and binge watch them, we won’t judge you too much.