Bad news for any tea lovers out there that frequent the store Teavana that’s owned by Starbucks. Starbucks has decided to close out Teavana stores and it’s starting this year with the closing of their online store. This means that many of your favorite teas will no longer be easily accessible anymore. They, of course, are having a pretty sweet going away sale to get rid of all their awesome merchandise. Sadly, it won’t last very long as their tea is super fresh and has expiration dates on it.

So why exactly is Teavana closing when it’s so loved by its fans? It’s most likely because Starbucks purchased the brand hoping it would become the same as their coffee. Of course, it takes a lot longer to make and is a lot more expensive than coffee. This drives a lot of people away as they’re not willing to pay a price or wait the time it would take to make a fresh cup of tea.  Teavana’s prices for small amounts of tea are incredibly high. This drives away a lot of shoppers that would otherwise try out the brand.

also did not push Teavana as much as they needed to in their stores to help the brand grow. If Starbucks would have made more attempts to grow the brand rather than just leaving it to its own devices, I feel like we wouldn’t be losing Teavana this year. Nevertheless, now is some of your last chances to get some of those delicious teas they offer and a great time to start looking at other brands to buy your goods from. Teavana isn’t the only tea store around it’s just the most well known but there are quite a few companies out of Canada that offer the same quality products for a little bit cheaper.

Still, I will miss going into Teavana stores in strip malls and picking up fresh tea and trying out their samples. Teavana was a very unique type of store that made me feel very welcome whenever I walked in and the salespeople were always happy to help you. It’s sad to see so many businesses closing lately but the internet definitely has taken to giant companies like Amazon selling pretty much everything you could ever want. Hopefully, though, we won’t have to worry about Starbucks Coffee brand going away anytime soon.