1 in 7 people worldwide believe the world will end during their lifetime. They have all kind of scenarios in their heads and it’s normal that they want to be prepared for when the moment comes. Even back in the 1970s there were people who had these same thoughts. The eccentric millionaire Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson was one of those people.

But while most people just waited and hoped for the best, Jerry had enough money to ensure his safety. He created a 15,200-square foot bunker under his Las Vegas property that could withstand a nuclear attack if needed.

While creating his bunker he didn’t care only about the safety. He wanted to make sure he’ll have a completely equipped new home where he’d feel comfortable.

When you look at his property, you’d never say such secret is hidden under the two-story house. However, if you take your time and look around, you’ll notice a secret door hidden among the rocks. Inside you’ll find a shed that goes to a staircase.

When you finally get down to the bunker, you’ll find everything one luxury home should have. The jacuzzi, fireplace, hot tub, barbecue, it’s all there. And that’s not where he stopped. He set up artificial trees and installed lighting to mimic the starry night sky. Wow!