Did you notice that if we get into some sort of key or lock situation it’s always at the worst possible moment? And this especially goes for car keys. If you have to lock your keys in the car that will never happen in front of your garage, but at the moment when you’re far from home and spare keys, when you’re most likely rushing around town trying to do everything at once.

Next time you find yourself locked out of your car, remember this video. It’s a really awesome trick that will save the day.

All you need to get into your car again is – a tennis ball. Make a small hole in the ball. You can use any kind of tool you have with you for this but it would be great if it could be metal as that will be easier. To make this even more easier, heat the tip of your tool and burn the hole.

Once your ball has a small hole, press it against the keyhole with the hole facing inward.

Then, using both hands, press the ball against the door as hard and fast as you can.

That way you’ll increase the air pressure inside the ball and that will force the locking mechanism to open.

And if you think this trick won’t work for your new car – you’re wrong. It works on newer cars with electronic locks too.