I’m sure you’ll agree with me – doing dishes is annoying and boring task. However, we’re doing it so regularly that we don’t even think about what we’re doing. We either wash them until clean, or rinse and put in a dishwasher and wait till it’s done. But what would you say if I tell you you’re most likely doing it wrong? And if your dishwasher is less than five years all, there’s a good chance that you are.

When we see dirt on our dishes, our first thought is often that there’s no way the dishwasher will manage to clean that. Well, recent study says the opposite.

All new dishwashers have a technology that can sense how dirty your dishes are. That means the dirtier they are, the deeper the cleanse. So when you rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, the machine will assume that dishes are mostly clean and give them a less thorough wash.
And if you rinse your dishes too much, the sensor completely shuts down and the dishwasher does nothing but rinse them once again.

Besides not rinsing the dishes, researchers recommend using a high-quality detergent and always turning the dirtiest parts of the dishes toward the center. And most importantly, they recommend reading the instructions before using your dishwasher as many newer dishwashers require dishes to be loaded in a specific way to ensure the best cleanse!