There are basically two types of people going into the holiday season when it comes to buying gifts. There are the type of gifters who want to be thrifty and save as much money as possible and then there are the type of people who don’t care and will literally spend all their money on their giftee to get that warm fuzzy feeling of giving gifts. For those of us that are a little bit more stingy with our profits and have to hide it, fear not, for there is now a YouTube video about trying to spend the least amount of money for the people you’re spending gifts on.

Let’s all be honest, the people we give gifts to don’t even end up using them. So what’s the point of spending a bunch of money on someone if you know your gifts going to go right in the back of their closet. Even worse, what if they just return it and take the money. In these cases, you just feel sad that you even wasted your time and effort picking out a fabulous gift for this person. Maybe you just thought the whole gift-giving thing is kind of dumb and archaic. I mean what’s the point of spending a bunch of money on adults who already can buy everything they want for themselves.

Sure, it’s cute to buy our boyfriends, girlfriends, or husbands and wives gifts. But seriously, do we have to buy something for our whole work department too?  If you are the type of person who have these same thoughts then this video is perfect for you as it’lll make you feel less alone in your Grinch ways. Lily is a wonderful YouTuber and I agree with almost every point she makes in this video. Especially the fact of going shopping with somebody who is a lot more into spending money on the holidays then you ever want to be. So sit back enjoy at how your life actually goes when you’re holiday shopping with family.