Instagram can be a place that really boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel like you belong in the community. Why just using hashtags you can get thousands of strangers to see your photos and even say that they like them. But, just how good of a thing is it for your ego to constantly be boosted on an app like Instagram? Most people this isn’t too much of a problem but we all know that one person who it was on and on about the lights they get on Instagram. This can be annoying and the people that follow them can be even more ignoring by defending everything they post no matter what it is.

The video of all of perfectly documents how most of us feel towards these types of people. End of the video we are displayed and art show of someone whose ego has been boosted by Instagram. Her followers are course her all for everything she’s doing and defend her against the sensible user no matter what. The video especially gets good when she starts showing off her quote on quote anime drawings of her friends that just really aren’t that great. Of course, due to social media culture, everybody backs her up and she thinks she that she is the most creative person in the world.

the video even goes as 4 as to poke fun at the White Knight syndrome at the end. When the girl shows that she is too stressed tons of people were charade giving her false validation. ┬áIt isn’t truly the nature of what usually goes on on sites like Instagram that I don’t know what is. No matter what though if you are an Instagram user who doesn’t let things go to your head then you will enjoy this funny take on the people that you know that. Just remember, internet likes will never equal real world favoritism. Anything that happens on the internet generally stays on the internet and for the most part, I am completely fine with it that way.