A lot of the posts we do are about what items you can buy for yourself. Since it is the season for giving though we thought we would share with you a trending video of a Youtuber literally filling their buggies with toys to donate to kids in need this season. The video is heartwarming and will remind you that there are plenty of needy families out there wishing to have a Christmas. I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen more of these types of videos recently as it’s so close to Christmas. It does feel a little bit like people have forgotten this is supposed to be a time of giving instead of just receiving lately.

If you’re truly touched by this video be sure to check out your local drives around town. Plenty of local businesses will do things like raising money for certain families that are in need. They’re also should be their donation boxes all around you that you can put toys or food in for needy families. If you’re feeling really sure will you can do things like volunteer at food banks and make sure everybody gets a mill on Christmas. Never even programs for taking families and do your own home and celebrating with them. There will never be any shame and helping out during the holidays.

If you’re not that great of a shopper remember that you can just donate money.  places like the Salvation Army will be taking donations up until Christmas.  if you have young kids then you can even include them in the fun by teaching them about donations or how to raise funds for a toy drive. Remember that as adults we get stuff all year round and this is one of the best times to go out of our way to helps those in need.