A stroll through the produce aisle in any modern supermarket may give the impression that you’ve got a wide variety of fruit choices, but in reality that’s only a small sampling of Mother Nature’s bounty. The world is full of bizarre and exotic treats you’ve probably never heard of before. So live a little, and try something different. Apples and oranges will look pretty ordinary after you look at these wild and delicious options.

Here’s the list:

#10 Durian, green, hedgehog-shaped fruit is widely revered as the king of fruits. However, it smells. And it smells really bad.

#9 Jackfruit or Jack Tree is unique, delicious fruit which is rich in energy, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins yet contain no saturated fats or cholesterol.

#8 Ackee – Achee is usually found in Jamaica and is known as a mixed blessing.

#7 African Horned Cucumber, known also as Blowfish Fruit or kiwano is a strange-looking fruit that is native to Southern Africa.

#6 Jabuticaba is native to South America, notably Paraguay, Argentina and (obviously from its name) mostly from Brazil. The fruit, a succulent looking purple color can be plucked and eaten straight from the tree. It might look weird, but Jabuticaba really does grow off the trunk of the tree.

#5 Physalis is a soft berry looks like a tomato contains several tiny seeds, bright yellow to orange color and sweet in taste.

#4 Rambutan is a fruit considered exotic to people outside of its native range. Apart from tasting quite good, it has several nutritional characteristics which are useful and beneficial for our health.

#3 Langsat (Lanzones) is not only a sweet fruit but it has a myriad of health benefits to offer. The fruit is a favorite in many countries due to its unusual taste.

#2 Mangosteen also known as Purple Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that has great nutritional value to it.

#1 Cherimoya (Chirimoya) is often considered one of the best-tasting fruits in the world.