Although Willow Tufano is just 14-years old, she not like any other ninth grader. She has actually been keeping a big secret from her parents. It was all part of a meticulous plan that took her months to create.

Willow would find cheap items on Craigslist, refurbish them, and sell them. She’d do the same for items she found on the street or bought at auctions.

But that’s not what made her parents’ jaws drop…

After several months of refurbishing furniture, electronics, and other items, Willow had saved up $6,000.

Her parents hated it! They didn’t want their daughter to be more successful than then. “When I was a kid, I had a paper route,” her dad scolded. Mom was near tears.

But then Willow blew her parents’ minds. She wanted to buy a house. She had her eyes on a house that was $100,000 but after a shift in the market it dropped to $16,000.

When the enterprising teenager haggled them down to $12,000, mom and dad figured they should take advantage of their daughter’s skills and partnered with her on the house.

Now Willow is a landlord and she is just 14! She home rents for $700 per month. Willow even renovated the property by herself.

Then things took an even cooler turn. Willow was invited onto Ellen’s show and was gifted a $10,000 ACE gift card. How can this teen’s life get any better?