Well, it is definitely engagement season so saying “I Do” is on just about everyone’s minds. The weather outside is frightful, and the cuddles are so delightful…

And everyone is looking for that special someone…

Plus, all the wedding planning is fun. And, everyone loves to think about a wedding as just pure loving bliss, right? And, it is. But, there are a few days of the year that can make your wedded bliss a dreaded nightmare…

And, these are according to Martha Stewart Weddings – so this is the real deal:

  1. Christmas Day

    While you are looking forward to opening presents in a few weeks, some people are suffering many of sleepless nights as their wedding day quickly approaches.

    Of course, why not do it on Christmas Day, right? Rental costs are low and all the decor is so fitting.

    But, the truth is that on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day most people already have traditions and would like to spend that time with their families. Even if you, the bride and groom, don’t celebrate Christmas yourselves, you should still be respectful of everyone else.

    Ultimately, it is your choice. But, what fun would it be if nobody showed up?

  2. Halloween

    If dark is your thing then Halloween is perfect. But, it almost doesn’t matter what location you choose, you run the risks of party crashers showing up in their costumes and scaring away all your guests.

    It is just best to avoid risking losing guests to trick-or-treating and not summoning anymore party crashers than a wedding already does.

  3. Extended weekends

    Usually an extended weekend means some sort of holiday is near. And, even if people don’t make plans specifically for that holiday, they typically will make plans just to ensure they take advantage of that long weekend.

    While it seems like a good idea because people have the extra time to recover, it is likely they already have plans.

  4. Big sports days

    As a non-athletic person myself, I can’t even imagine skipping someone’s wedding for any type of sporting event…

    But, guess what? I don’t speak for everyone and several people think the other way around…

    They can’t imagine skipping a sporting event for someone’s wedding.

    So, don’t lose out to the Super Bowl parties.

If you haven’t noticed already, the trend seems to be, don’t get married on holidays or any other significant day. Just pick that random day in September where nobody should be busy.